Lies Of The Machine


Bloodthirsty Valentine

Well…it’s that time of the year again. Couples are holding hands, the shoggoths are embracing with their tentacles, and people are tearing out each other’s still beating hearts to show affection. No? Just us?
Aaaanyways, here’s a perfect song for this fortuitous day, a testament that loves is stronger than all, even death…more-or-less  

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LOTM in Fallout4

Do you know the game, Fallout4? You know, that game the practically “nobody” plays (~14million units sold) from the “minuscule” development company Bethesda? 

Well, we have been asked to take part in the newest patch of one of the game’s most awesome mods: Old World Radio. The mod adds more than 30 fully voice-acted radio stations to your Pip-Boy, and it will now include a steampunk channel too: Radio Retrofuture.
The channel’s first iteration will be available in the next patch set to arrive during the holidays this year with many more contents to follow.
So, wake up Dogmeat, open your Vault doors and turn up the volume on your Pip-boys: the psychocircus has arrived in the wasteland!

Link to the mod:

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