About us

LOTM was formed in 2013 under the distinctive idea of creating a performance, that allowed all attendees to forget the real world, and travel to another, where magic, mysticism and adventure awaited them, even if just for the duration of a meager concert.  And lo, we formed the psychocircus, the Lies Of The Machine.

​After the release of the our demo, Daemocog, we quickly received international attention: we were invited to take part in the global steampunk event, Steampunk Hands Around The World (2014), and were featured in several international medium, such as the El Investigador magazine (MX), The Airship Ambassador (US), and the Daily Steampunk (GER). In Hungary, we were featured in ELLE magazine, and several smaller music ‘zines.

The band has been actively touring since the beginning of 2014, performing shows in several cities and festivals.  LOTM has performed during Folk-Rock Maraton 2014, and has been invited to headline Eurosteamcon 2014 (HU), and Steamtropolis 2015 (GER).

The psychocircus to this day has acted as the headliner of Hungary’s largest steampunk-themed event: the STEAMFEST Budapest.

The band released it’s first full-length album, Freakshow! on 20.08.2016. with international critical acclaim from the US to Japan.

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