Freakshow – the first album from the psychocircus!

As we draw ever closer to the founding of the psychocircus, our little twisted minds came to a hallowed agreement that we should do something grand…something wicked…something….freaky.
So hold onto your tophats, and secure your bustles, here comes the first Lies Of The Machine album: Freakshow!
The disc will sport 9 generously mad songs, including the remastered edition of our two single releases from last year, and the rework of some old fan favorites from our demo, DaemoCog!
1 First, it rings…
2 Psychocircus
3 Z-Waltz
4 Railnomads
5 The dishonorable death of the honorable Captain Vasilij
6 Lick my Cog
7 Rise!
8 The last flight
9 …then curtains fall

Teaser video:

The album is scheduled to arrive mid-summer so get ready to lose your souls in the Freakshow!
Oh, and did we fail to mention, that it will be completely, utterly FREE? Well, now you now :PIt is also worth to note, that the album will come out with a fully interactive digital booklet, whose artwork is being designed by the marvelously talented Zsolt Alapi from Lowlife Prod.

If you happen to be in Hungary this June,m be sure to join us at our pre-launch party during STEAMFEST 2016!


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